All photographs by Katie Hauser

What to Expect in Therapy

With warm, validating guidance, you will take meaningful steps toward change.

individual psychotherapy

Together we will explore your world to develop insight into your thought patterns, explore strategies for change, and relax your mind.

As we discover how we came to the place we are and determine the roots of our struggles, we then can turn toward creating comfort with our discomfort. I will help you to develop practices through mindfulness and active changes in difficult thinking, to help alleviate pain and nurture a sense of peace. Above all, in our individual work we will affirm your knowledge that you are your own most trusted expert.

relationship-focused therapy

People in relationships, often presenting as couples, enter into therapy to address various aspects of growth and change in their shared lives.

Utilizing the same combination of exploration and active strategy-building for change, I collaborate with people in relationships to communicate more effectively, work together to encourage understanding, heal difficult behavior patterns, and grow together.

Our own life has to be our message.
— Thich Nhat Hanh